Revitalizing America’s Manufacturing Workforce: A Manufacturing USA National Roadmap

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National Roadmap to Revitalize the U.S. Manufacturing Workforce

The United States has committed unprecedented resources to helping the nation once again become a global leader in manufacturing. While promising, this success cannot be achieved without first addressing a key barrier: the manufacturing industry’s ongoing challenge in attracting and retaining workers. Manufacturing USA’s network of institutes and agency partners work together to prepare workers for the technical, high-quality jobs being created in advanced manufacturing nationwide.

To help attract and retain workers, Manufacturing USA has developed a national education and workforce development roadmap that can bring together the public and private sectors to create opportunities for existing and prospective workers to find their pathways into the advanced manufacturing workforce.

Manufacturing USA’s roadmap is built upon three key priorities:

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Equip with Skills

Provide opportunities for individuals to develop advanced manufacturing skills and succeed in today’s evolving manufacturing ecosystem.

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Broaden Access

Broaden access to career pathways to expand the advanced manufacturing workforce.


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Spark Interest

Spark interest and improve the perceptions of advanced manufacturing career pathways to allow for continued growth of the workforce.


Each institute in the Manufacturing USA network is successfully working to tackle these needs for their respective technology area. With increased coordination and expansion of these priorities we can drive impact across the U.S. manufacturing landscape. This roadmap aims to guide this process and provide ideas for initiatives that could have the greatest impact on addressing gaps and securing a manufacturing workforce for decades to come.

To learn more about how the network of institutes plan to support the growth of the U.S. manufacturing sector, download Revitalizing America’s Manufacturing Workforce: A Manufacturing USA National Roadmap.

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