Carnegie Mellon University
Cutting-edge facility will expand research space, provide advanced capabilities

Carnegie Mellon University has broken ground on construction for its Robotics Innovation Center (RIC), a new, cutting-edge facility that will significantly expand the institution’s physical space for research, development and testing for robotics, including related...

Automation World
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In this episode, we connect with Ira Moskowitz, CEO of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute, to learn about its work supporting the use of robotics and AI in the manufacturing industries and how it helps manufacturers deploy and expand robotic applications.


David Greenfield, Automation World
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Manufacturing is part of the backbone of America’s economy and our communities. And the past year since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has shown us that investing in a sustainable future can make manufacturing’s presence in America even stronger. Already, the private sector has put forward more than $110 billion in new manufacturing...


During a speech in 1963, John F. Kennedy famously said, “A rising tide lifts all the boats,” asserting that progress in a given situation benefits everyone involved. Heather O’Keefe, senior regional strategy manager at Novozymes, a world leader in biosolutions, agrees with this sentiment. “Together, we can make a bigger impact. Whether it’s...