We Bring People Together to Turn Ideas into Reality

The 17 institutes in the Manufacturing USA network are home to collaborative manufacturing innovation spaces, where members from industry, academia and government gain perspective from each other and solve America's manufacturing challenges. They work jointly to advance technological innovations toward commercial viability through process transformations and by overcoming technical challenges. This effort ensures American inventions are scaled-up and turned into American Made products.

These collaborative spaces are fostering fresh approaches to innovation that are:

  • Shaping the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0
  • Powering new ways to build things with lightweight materials, additive manufacturing and more
  • Building the factory of the future to capture data and leverage AI
  • Using VR to quickly build competency in STEM-related careers

Our shared manufacturing innovation mission

A Fresh Perspective on U.S. Manufacturing Innovation
A Fresh Perspective on U.S. Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturing an Important Piece of Our Future

It costs a lot of money to drive innovation in manufacturing, yet three-quarters of U.S. manufacturers have fewer than 20 employees. That is why the institutes of the Manufacturing USA network are so vital to ensure the United States continues to be an innovator when it comes to how things are made. See how the institutes are targeting challenges that are just too big for any one manufacturer to face and working on applied R&D to get solutions in the hands of the U.S. manufacturing community to maintain competitiveness in an ever changing environment. Technology advancements the institutes and their members make today will lead to new industries, products, and trained workers - now and into the future.

Take a peek into manufacturing innovation in action

America Makes Future of Additive Manufacturing
America Makes Future of Additive Manufacturing

Witness the Future of Additive Manufacturing

Watch how manufacturers are accelerating the adoption of 3D printing technology.

Outside MxD building

Get Up Close with Data-Driven Manufacturing

See the digital factory of the future harness data to unlock business value from machines.

ARM virtual reality training

See How VR Can Be Used to Train Skilled Workers

Learn how an immersive virtual reality experience delivers real-time assessments for training robotic technicians.

AFFOA’s Fabric Discovery Centers
AFFOA’s Fabric Discovery Centers

Learn About Creating Advanced Fibers

See how AFFOA's Fabric Discovery Centers provide product designers and engineers with the access to world-leading technology for end-to-end services, from prototyping to integrating semiconductor device fibers into textiles.

LIFT virtual tour

Take a Tour of the High Bay

Take a self-guided tour of the LIFT High Bay in Detroit. It is the national premiere advanced materials development facility featuring full-scale equipment and a showcase for smarter manufacturing. You can also explore this space in your VR Headset. 

AIM virtual lab simulation library

Explore Integrated Photonics with a Virtual Simulation

Use the browser-based tools to explore the fundamentals of integrated photonics. You can adjust the key parameters for each circuit component, such as guided waveguide modes, mode coupling, and resonant cavities.