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Officials Tout $44m Federal Investment in N.H. Biotech Industry


Health care innovators are working toward a future in which an ailing patient can receive a new bodily organ without having to wait for a human donor.

That’s one piece of the grand vision behind emerging work in biofabrication — which is the manufacture of living cells, tissues, and organs — and it’s part of a potential economic engine that officials hope will transform Manchester in the years to come, with a $44 million boost from the federal government.

The city, which partnered with the Manchester-based nonprofit Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) and other local stakeholders to compete for a chunk of economic development funding through the US Department of Commerce, was among 21 coalitions selected for the nationwide program.

The major initiative is projected to create 7,800 jobs directly and another 15,200 jobs indirectly in southern New Hampshire, according to the city’s application materials. “New Hampshire should be so proud that you received this money,” US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Friday after she toured an ARMI facility. “It was an intense competition that my department ran.”