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MxD’s Supply Chain Risk Alert: Preventing Disruption Before It’s Too Late


The COVID-19 pandemic fractured the global supply chain in many places, with shortages ranging from PPE to semiconductors to consumer products. But even before the turmoil began in spring 2020, supply chains were vulnerable. 

Natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires and other unexpected developments like labor strikes and political unrest have always presented risks for manufacturers and their supply chains.

Identifying and mitigating those risks well before they disrupt production is crucial. That is the goal of MxD’s Supply Chain Risk Alert 2 (SCRA2) project.  

Think about it: If you’re a Michigan manufacturer who relies on parts from the South, you need to know the moment a tornado warning is issued near the factory that supplies you. And you need to start making plans for an alternate supplier. 

With funding from the 2020 CARES Act, MxD’s SCRA2 project set out to develop a middleware platform that could identify risks by mapping and analyzing multi-tiered supply chains, from a manufacturing bill of materials (the BOM).

The SCRA2 project built a prediction module into the platform to proactively identify tactical, operational, and strategic risks, as well as a strategic planning capability to help supply chain managers minimize vulnerabilities.