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Why Us? What Makes a Successful China Manufacturer?
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We are celebrating 30 years' bespoke manufacturing in China for western companies - we cannot  be beaten on experience. These are our recommendations for successful contract manufacturing in China:

  • Quality - Your China manufacturing company must deliver world-class metals, plastics and electronics China product from state-of-the-art facilities. We do. Many of our customers came to China for cost and stayed in China for quality, finding quality superior to their existing product. We also offer cost-effective printing and packaging solutions, allowing customers to improve branding and product packaging.

  • ISO 9001 - Your manufacturer in China must offer the familiarity, security and quality delivery of ISO 9001. We do - and you need that from your factory in China.

  • Experience in China - Your partner must be an experienced China manufacturer, specifically for western companies. Phrases such as "we have extensive experience of international business" or "we have outsourcing and procurement experience" or "we have combined experience in manufacturing of many years" do not cut the mustard. Manufacturing in China - indigenous experience - is what counts. We have that experience. Our English managing director, for example, has been running the company from Hong Kong / China since the mid-1980s. You will not find a more experienced manufacturer from China.

  • Proven Track Record - Because there is nowhere to check the financial status of manufacturers in China, a track record and viability over many years is essential. We have that track record and, as a result, our customers include many SMEs and well-known high-street names.

  • Legal Protection - The Chinese legal system may not be what you are used to. One way to gain additional protection is to use a China manufacturer registered and incorporated in Hong Kong, where the legal system is based on English common law. We offer that protection.

  • Trust - Choose a reputable partner. We sign Confidentiality Agreements. We protect your intellectual property rights. We have made literally thousands of products over the years and not one has been copied - ever. Some of our customers have been with us over 20 years.

  • Communication in English - You must be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone in English in China about your product. With us you can. We have western management on the ground in China whose first language is English. If you also want to speak to China manufacturers UK, we have an international marketing office in the British Isles as well.

  • Diverse Customer Base - You must be confident your China manufacturer of China factory has experience of a wide range of customers and  has the expertise to adapt to your quality systems and procedures. We have a diverse customer base which includes FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, start-ups and inventors.

  • Guanxi Network - Guanxi (business connections, relationships and infrastructure) is central to manufacturing in China. Guanxi cannot be built overnight, so your China contract manufacturer must be well-established, experienced and possess the business network to ensure your China contract manufacturing and China manufacturing outsourcing is a success. We have, over 25 years, built up a reliable, resourceful and successful Guanxi network.

  • Full Range of China Manufacturing Services - We offer the full service, from Concept and Design, to Pre-Production, Production, Quality Control, Printing, Packaging, Shipping & Logistics. We are a one-stop China manufacturing company. We offer one-stop China manufacturing solutions. We offer one-stop China contract manufacturing.

We are one of the leading contract manufacturers in Hong Kong and China for China components, CNC China parts, China mould and tooling, China plastic injection moulding and China casting - all to customers' own designs - and we are a leading electronic manufacturer in China. Been looking in a Chinese manufacturers' directory for manufacturers that can make a difference? Then contact us now for a free quotation.

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