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China Itinerary
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We welcome visits to our China manufacturing facilities. Although not essential, some of our customers choose to visit our head office and China factories, and sign off first product on site. Thereafter, we operate as their own factory China-based.

  • We would suggest 4-5 days in Hong Kong / Guangdong / China. This gives enough time to do everything at the right pace, especially when the weather is hot and humid, as in August (35ºC, 95 per cent humidity).

  • The region is sub-tropical. Spring & Summer: Apr-Sept, 30-40ºC, high humidity; Autumn: Oct-Dec, 25-30ºC; Winter: Jan-Mar, 15-20ºC (but can be much cooler).

  • Hong Kong and Guangdong - the "workshop of the world" - are dynamic places. Being a manufacturer China-style includes carrying lots of business cards, so bring plenty.

  • Dress is on the smart side. However, western suits are too heavy for the summer, so a light-weight jacket is more comfortable. (It is too hot for even a light-weight jacket outside, but one is required for inside where the air conditioning is most effective.)

  • It is a good idea to bring 500 HK dollars and 1000 RMB with you.

  • Day 1 - Arrive Hong Kong. Limo from airport to hotel can be arranged. Airport Express train also available.

  • Day 2 - We collect you from hotel. Meeting. Our travel agent collects your passports and 2 x passport photos and arranges China visa.

  • Day 3 - Visit factories in China for product inspection. Product inspection materials are in English so no need to bring any.

  • Day 4 - Sightseeing, late check out from hotel, depart.


We are a leading contract manufacturer from China, established in 1984 and ISO 9000 accredited. If you check any China manufacturer list, you will see we cannot be beaten on experience or quality. We have British management, which is rare for any factory from China, so contact us now if you would like to benefit from our ease of communication and quality Chinese manufacturing in plastics, metals, electronics and many more.