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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there ways to check the viability of China manufacturers and factories in China?

  • No, which is why it is important to choose a reputable China manufacturer with experience and a proven track record. We were established 25 years ago - much longer than our competitors - and we were one of the first firms to manufacture in China for western companies. Your factory from China must have that experience. We do and this, along with a reputation for quality and reliability, makes us a leading China contract manufacturing company and China OEM manufacturer. Finding manufacturers in China is not difficult; finding experienced ones is.

Q: Where are your China manufacturing facilities located?

  • In Guangdong, in the Pearl River Delta, which includes Hong Kong. Guangdong is the workshop of both China and the world, and has the infrastructure, raw materials, skilled labour and experience of doing business with the West to produce quality made in China product to international standards. Our China factories are Guangdong factories.

Q: Can I visit your Chinese factories?

  • Yes. We welcome visits to our factories in China and would be pleased to put together an itinerary for your trip.

Q: Will I be able to speak with someone in English about our product?

  • Yes. We have western management on the ground in China whose first language is English. This is an essential part of choosing manufacturing companies in China and absolutely essential for successfully manufacturing in China. Nothing must be lost in translation.

Q: What about copying of our made in China product?

  • Your intellectual property rights are important to us and we sign Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements. In addition, by choosing a China manufacturer whose head office is registered in Hong Kong - where the legal system is based on English common law - you gain additional protection. We have produced thousands of products over the last 25 years and none has been copied - ever.

Q: Are there minimum order quantities?

  • There are MOQs, dependent on product on a case-by-case basis. Manufacturing in China lends itself to higher volumes.

Q: What is ISO 9001?

  • ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised and respected quality management system which ensures the delivery of quality in a company. Relatively few contract manufacturing companies in China or Asia are ISO accredited.

Q: I already outsource manufacturing to China. What can you do for me?

  • In instances where your existing China manufacturing outsourcing has not been a success, or other Asia manufacturer has disappointed, we operate "rescue manufacturing" operations and can fine-tune, repair or replace existing tooling and improve quality. If your China outsourcing has worked well, we can complement existing operations helping you to expand capacity, launch new product lines, design-out manufacture costs, or consolidate shipping to reduce costs.

Q: Is there a standard format I should use to send drawings?

  • All electronic file formats can be accommodated, including Adobe, Autodesk, DWG, DXF, IGS, Solidworks etc.

Q: Can you provide product complete with printing and packaging?

  • Yes. This is an important part of the service we offer as one of the leading one-stop, full-service China contract manufacturers.

Q: Is it best to use you for one product / material or a range of product / materials?

  • Customers use us for both. For example, we may act as a customer's sole aluminium manufacturer China, say for aluminium extrusion. For others we will - as one of the leading China electronic manufacturers - employ multiple manufacturing processes and materials for their product. So whether you use us for China casting, CNC China parts, including machining in China, or as your main China plastic manufacturers or Chinese electronics manufacturer, we can accommodate your requirements. Looking to find several manufacturers in China for a range of product? With us, there's no need.

TCM is a leading China contract manufacturer for metals, plastics and electronics. We were established in 1984 and, if you check any Chinese factories directory, you will see that we cannot be beaten on experience or quality. (See our review of what makes a successful manufacturer in China.)

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