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If you need one product or a dedicated in-house factory or factories in China, as a full-service bespoke China manufacturing company we provide world-class manufacturing with the familiarity and security of ISO 9001 -  all at the "China Price", and all under one roof.

  • We can assist you with all your China manufacturing requirements, whether for new or existing product. We offer full-service China manufacturing solutions, from Concept and Design, to Engineering, Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping, Pre-production, Production, Quality Control, Packaging, Shipping and Logistics. We are experts in moving production to China.

  • We sign Confidentiality Agreements. We safeguard your intellectual property rights.

  • You are dealing directly with a China manufacturer which uses its own in-house manufacturing facilities. No middlemen. No hidden costs. Nothing lost in translation. China direct.

  • Our quotes are timely, accurate, straight forward and free - you will receive an all-in quotation for your made in China product.

  • The quality of our China contract manufacturing is world-class and many SMEs and high-street names benefit from our high quality standards. Tell us what your existing quality procedures are and we can adapt ours to match your own. Our quality programmes are rigorous and specialist multi-lingual QA / QC staff work on your behalf to deliver the quality you expect.

  • We are ISO 9001 accredited, which is relatively rare among Asia manufacturers.

  • Your approval is a central part of the process for manufacturing in China. You sign off every stage and we produce detailed schedules covering:

    • Design & Development (working samples, tooling patterns, tool production time, 1st shots)

    • Production (engineering pilot run, pre-production samples, sign off, production start, inspection)

    • Shipping (1st, 2nd etc inspection dates, ship dates, estimated time of arrival).

  • We welcome visits to our China manufacturing facilities.

  • You can pick up the phone and speak to our western management on the ground in China. Their first language is English. We also have experienced multi-lingual local staff who are fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

We have many satisfied long-term customers who use us as their Chinese manufacturer.

To see a sample Confidentiality Agreement please click here. (We are happy to review agreements drafted by customers.)

We are one of the leading contract manufacturers in Asia for CNC China parts, China mould and tooling, China plastic injection moulding, China components, China casting - all to customers' own designs - and we are a leading electronic manufacturer China. If you have been through a China manufacturing directory or list of Chinese manufacturers to find a manufacturing company in China that cannot be beaten on experience or quality or ease of communication, then contact us now for a free quotation.


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