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China Die-casting
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Established in 1984, and with ISO 9001 accreditation and British management, TCM is one of the leading specialists for customised China casting requirements. We offer an extensive range of casting, die-casting, extrusion and forging processes and materials, and we can accommodate any production demand placed upon us.

If you are looking for a metal manufacturer for your China manufacturing outsourcing, whether die-casting China or extrusions China, or any of the processes below, contact us now for a free quotation.


Metal Casting
Centrifugal casting
Precision investment casting
Cold casting Rotocasting
Die-casting / diecasting
Sand casting
Forging Alloys
High precision casting Aluminium, aluminum
Lost-wax casting Brass, bronze, copper, pewter, tin
Permanent mould (gravity die) casting Iron, magnesium, manganese, steel, zinc


This is one of our in-house China casting facilities.

If you check any China manufacturers list, you will see that our quality and experience cannot be beaten. As one of the leading aluminium manufacturers in China, for example, we receive many enquiries from western companies for China aluminium casting, China aluminium extrusions and aluminium machining China. And as one of the most experienced contract manufacturing companies in China in general, we offer a comprehensive range of other processes and materials e.g. CNC machining parts China and injection moulding China.